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Come and join our community. Expand your network and get to know new people!
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Search public listings, or join a valuable community of fellow homesteaders & enjoy the many perks!

What's the Scoop?

What is helloHomesteader & Why You Want to Be Here!

You see and feel the uncertainty and fear in the world. You want to leave the overreaching systems and become independent from them. You want to take back control over your family’s life and learn to thrive.


Meanwhile, the homesteading, prepping, and freedom communities are being silenced in the mainstream. Growing, raising, and preserving food is considered radical.

Turning off the news and going off-grid are considered extremist behavior. Taking responsibility for our health, standing up, and saying ‘no’ is simply unacceptable.

Sharing and teaching others to do these things is spreading misinformation & disinformation…


Hello Homesteader is a community space with the goal of bringing together like-minded folks with the opportunity to network, learn, grow, support and encourage each other while on the journey to becoming community-sufficient — because we can’t do it all alone.

Let’s link arms and leave these systems behind!

Build your community

Connect with like-minded individuals near and far. Building a supportive and encouraging community is a game changer when you're living a more independent, sometimes secluded lifestyle.

Teach what you know, learn what you don't

Do you have something to teach? Something you want to learn? Create online courses (and an additional income stream to your farm) or take courses created by others in your community.

Sell your goods & Support Other Homesteaders

Create an income stream for your homestead by selling your goods. Support others with the homestead dream by purchasing from their shops.

buy & sell in uncensored Classifieds

Enjoy a marketplace where you can get right to the point and not need to worry about using code words to post animals, dairy, or any other "frowned upon" listings.

Shop Local Map

List and view physical businesses & farms stands near you, source locally, and grow an essential community offline.

community Within community

Create and join a wide variety of different community groups. Move your groups over from other censored platforms to a more open & supportive space - here!

Get a Peek Inside...

Connect, learn, buy, sell, trade, prepare — become a thriving homesteader!


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Please note that when we refer to this platform being “uncensored,” “free,” “unpoliced,” there is still an expectation of mutual respect and appropriate behavior to ensure this site is a supportive and encouraging place for all members. We are referring to homesteading type of content being censored, deleted, and hidden away in the media and other mainstream platforms – this is not right. Hello Homesteader is a place for all the homesteady things to be shared, let’s keep it that way!

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